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When Discover Card starts giving out bitcoins as reward points, maybe the currency will become more than a novelty.Wealth that cannot be confiscated (see Cyprus) rehypothicated (see M F Global, Corzine) is worth more than gold IMHO.I still think bitcoin has the fundamental flaws of being very slow and not user friendly.The twin Harvard graduates of Facebook fame Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss just took the stage at Disrupt NY to update everyone on their recent bitcoin projects.According to a publicly distributed notice detailing the decision.

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Five Reasons the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Should Be Approved. The Winklevoss twins have some public comments. it made access easy and was worth the.

Winklevoss The globe-trotting playboys think bitcoin will outshine a traditional store of value as they hob-knob their way around South.The Winklevoss twins recently made an appearance at SXSW Interactive 2016, where the early Bitcoin adopters discussed how the industry has changed.When civilizations collapse or meet for the first time what do the survivors or new found people normally barter with.The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust is an investment vehicle which the Winklevoss brothers.The Winklevoss twins have bought one percent of all bitcoins, the virtual currency.

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Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins,.

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Maybe then some of the naysayers will reconsider their position.Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss—big investors in the digital currency—said Tuesday.The Winklevoss twins have both been very vocal in their support of bitcoin, which is understandable. roughly 40 times what a bitcoin is worth today.The business plan is that it will replace CC and Paypal as a system with zero fees.Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss—big investors in the digital currency—said Tuesday that bitcoin should be worth.Now it has a market cap of about 6 billion. it would not be hard for it to grow 10 to 20 times in the next few years regardless of what the dollar does.Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, of early Facebook fame, are big investors in Bitcoin and spoke glowingly about the.

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Also businesses do not want to hold Bitcoin, they want to convert it back to their currency (the same applies when a business is paid with foreign currency).June when the Winklevoss brothers filed to move. are worth noting.CBOE Holdings has entered an agreement with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to use bitcoin market data, paving the way for CBOE to list bitcoin derivatives.Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss net worth: Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are American Olympians, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who have a combined net worth of.

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Yet the reason why BTC is hot is because it is a risky volatile investment, that is paying off for many even now in a down trend.Overstock makes you convert out of btc to some other currency before the transaction is finished.

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Overstock and a whole swath of bitcoin only websites say otherwise.When that happens, people will laugh at 400b Click to expand.Do people really believe that crypto currency will see even close to widespread adoption in the foreseeable future.The whole system is based on delusions of grandeur of such an epic scale that it is far beyond the understanding of the common (or should I say common sense) folk.

Gemini Trust Co., the New York-based digital currency exchange founded by the Winklevoss Brothers has begun the first-ever daily bitcoin auction in a bid to.They have access to 1 million unique, mostly Americans, who are affluent and fall into the most valuable demographic range.

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I get you point, but you may not be keeping things in perspective.

Someone will need to charge a fee in order to make that happen.

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Winklevoss twins say Bitcoin could become a country's

As someone pointed out here, with no transaction protection, the commercial value is limited.The Winklevoss brothers gave a keynote talk at Bitcoin 2013, a conference that brought together enthusiasts of the virtual currency.

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Though I believe larger organizations that move a bit of money may.

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Winklevoss Twins Net Worth 2017. the net worth of the Winklevoss twins was updated to reflect the most recent price of Bitcoin--Winklevoss Twins is worth 5,563.Somehow these idiots think bitcoins are going to be the currency even though there will certainly be no stable power grid to process them.

There will always be a place to cash in my gold, bitcoins not so much I cant walk into a pawn shop and say hey would you like some virtual currency.

Winklevoss twins say Bitcoin could become a country's currency

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GE - has 10,000,000,000 outstanding shares, trades about 30m per day.But the Winklevoss twins want to give investors an easier way into the.So your alternative is to trust currencies traded on exchanges created for magic cards set up by sweaty nerds that have no government backing or intrinsic value.

Winklevoss twins file paperwork to operate Gemini bitcoin