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Gongxinbao (GXB), a start-up in China, provides a trustworthy and consumer-centric marketplace for data exchange by building a blockchain-based decentralized platform.Komodo Platform: Blockchain for Everyone. by Bitcoin PR. a completely decentralized exchange for these national currencies has also been put in place within the...Thus, it is also a database that nobody can control but everyone can trust.It is true that hackers now collect consumer information without permission, but GXB makes it even easier for them to access information that was inaccessible before.

Verif-y Inc., the identity and credential verification platform, has announced the launch of its token pre-sale followed by a crowdsale on October 5th.Blockchain Exchange Bitsane Introduces Ripple Trading at. the Irish Blockchain trading platform adds.

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Time-based cryptocurrency initiative, ChronoBank is introducing LaborX.Bitcoin News: Swiss Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Agree Terms on Blockchain Trading Platform.Bengaluru-based bitcoin exchange start-up Unocoin partnered with global digital currency platform provider Blockchain, to allow Indians fund their Blockchain wallets.The BlockEx DAxP is an HFT ready exchange with asset issuance tools and an infrastructure framework for custom blockchain integrations.We offer Blockchain App development, e.g. Smart Contracts, Tokens etc.

Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology.A blockchain split occurs during a hard fork which in. on a bitcoin exchange,. will have to succumb to the rules of that specific trading platform.

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They do not want the risk of signing up to an opaque Digital Currency Exchange,. platform or Electronic Trading.Since the ledger is immutable and public, the transaction history of a person in the network can be traced and trusted.The platform is also expanding to blockchain media and finally.

Bitcoin Press Release: Time-based cryptocurrency initiative, ChronoBank is introducing LaborX exchange to connect workers and businesses on a peer-to-peer basis. The.The London Stock Exchange Group Plc has teamed up with IBM to build a blockchain-based platform to digitally issue private shares of small and medium enterprises in.With real-time feeds of market metrics and blockchain data, the platform.A data vendor can sell its data on different platforms at very low cost.

Blockchain Global has announced it will be powering the first dedicated cryptocurrency exchange platform for the NEM Foundation.

Infosys supports you at every step of blockchain adoption, from Design Thinking-led assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions from multiple dimensions, rapid.GXB creates value by building trust between buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions, and help consumers manage their personal information.

ZeroBlock, a Blockchain property, is proud to announce the acquisition of RTBTC, a widely used trading platform developed by one of the most legendary charting.The main advantage of TenX is that it offers free spending and exchange fees. The TenX platform and the wallet supports blockchain assets across multiple.Binance has graduated from being a simple exchange platform to an effective promoter of.

Coinigy provides a unified, all-encompassing access point for cryptocurrency-related data.

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The company is currently preparing for its token crowdsale, scheduled to launch on June 28.Cryptocurrency Enabled ChronoBank Blockchain Platform Prepares to Launch LaborX Exchange Time-based cryptocurrency initiative, ChronoBank is introducing LaborX.